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Global Hope – Grind Now Shine Later - Sports Academy

Grind Now Shine Later is a black owned business collective based in Montreal, Canada, focused more on having a positive impact than on profit. For the last two years GNSL has sponsored the Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, whose mandate is to give street boys a second chance in life. This month we are launching a new initiative in partnership with Global Hope, using sport as a motivational and educational tool to help combat Nairobi’s massive street boy issue, named the Global Hope-Grind Now Shine Later- Sports Academy, teaching the boys the value of hard work today, paying off tomorrow. To help, we are asking you to purchase our Global Hope –Grind Now Shine

Motivational clothing brand with the mission to motivate and inspire you to work hard, through our works and apparel no matter what your grind is.