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Grind Story With Patrick B

Grind Now Shine Later is more than just a movement or a set of words. To me, it is a mindset. First off, I would like to thank God for putting me in the care of my parents because they raised my siblings and I. They never uttered the words Grind Now Shine Later but they instilled that mindset in us. It is because of their watch over us that we are who we are and in the position we are in right now. So I thank God for their lives. For my parents, emigrating from Africa, leaving a war torn country and starting life over was not an easy thing but I have never seen them complain. They always provided for us and led by example. I remember my father specifically telling me in December 2012: "You were not born here (Canada) but you were raised here. You went through elementary school, high school, college, and now university. You and Canadian-born kids have the same tools and opportunities that allow you not to fail. Make the right choices always.” That conversation stuck with me and sparked a fire in me. It reminded me of the hard work that my parents constantly did with no complaints. I knew all of it had a purpose. Why do I grind? Because I want to have a better life not only for me, but for my loved ones. I want to bless others because others have blessed me. I remember in 2012, I received a letter from my university stating that I would be put on academic probation; I had a year to raise my GPA or else I would be kicked out of my faculty. I was embarrassed but I did not complain because I knew that I was put in this position because of a series of bad decisions. I knew complaining would not change my situation, so I sat down and prayed. I asked God for strength and help to get out of that situation. I met with my academic advisor, discussed the situation, and asked her what was required of me to remain in school and graduate. I remember her specifically telling me that I had one year to raise my GPA to stay in school, but that I will not be on track to graduate even if I remained in school. I was hurt but I regained focus and tightened up my act. I raised my GPA above the required level to remain in school and graduated with honours in 2014. I thank God for the strength and for keeping me focused. The Grind Now Shine Later mindset that my parents instilled in me through God helped me accomplish that feat. I now work in my field of studies and have been blessed with many opportunities, but I am not satisfied yet because I know there is more to come. I haven’t even scratched half of my potential but I know there are greater things ahead and that is why I grind. I’m not motivated by the shine, I grind because there is a purpose and that purpose is to be a blessing to others around me.

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